Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Mercy Brown Vampire Incident

This is for all my vampire enthusiasts and Twilight fans out there.
This is the strange case that happened in 1892. The body of Mercy Brown was exhumed to perform "rituals to banish an undead manifestation".
The family of George and Mary Brown were from Exeter, R.I. The mother and two daughters Mary Olive, Mercy and son Edwin all contacted consumption (aka Tuberculosis). The mother and the two daughters died of the disease. And was buried at the Baptist Church in Exeter.
Family and friends were in fear of Edwin's life (or just worried about him becoming an "undead").
During the 19th century they use of the word "undead" was widely used  instead of vampire. There are many methodology and folklore about multiple deaths. What happened in this case.George Brown was told by the townsmen to exhume the bodies of his loved ones. Only Mercy didn't decompose and still had blood in her heart. This was seen as a sign that she was an "undead" (she died during the cold of winter). The heart was removed and both the heart and blood were mixed together with water to make a drink for Edwin (some say it was burnt to create ashes). Alas he died two months later.
PS: There was another vampire incident a century before Mercy's. In Rhode Island!
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