Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Old Pali Road (State Hwy 61) Hauntings, Oahu, Hawaii

The Old Pali Road is recently replaced by Pali Highway. There are many supernatural stories attached to it. Maybe because of it's thick forest and hardly no streetlights that these eerie stories come about.
The highway was built on what was one of the most critical battles of the King Kamehameha's unification of the Hawaiian Islands. Nuuanu Pali is a cliff on part of Koohau Mountain is one of the windiest spots on Oahu. This is where in 1795 King Kamehameha I, forced thousands of his opponents to jump from the cliff to their deaths.
The most common haunting is that of a white silhouette and of ghostly soldiers leaping off the cliff.
Night Marchers are seen. And, if you do cross their path it is wise to go to the ground. Face down and keep quite until they leave.
There is a "Half-face" ghost of a little girl seen on one part of the road. What people witness is that she is very decomposed to the point that her eyes are protruding.
Dark dwarfs are seen darting across the road in several areas.
There another part of the highway that is called "Morgan's Corner". This is the area where most of all the apparitions are seen. One is particular is of a teenage girl that hung herself on the one giant tree that is there. Her name was Brittani Lochmann. Her head severed from her body. And, when buried it was not reattached. People believe she's searching for her head. People driving around there say they see her hanging on the tree. And they can hear mysterious sounds on their car roof tops.
But, the oddest story of all is about "pork". It's believed pork (is seen as Kinolau) is a form of the pig god. And car trouble is seen as Pele's way of keeping kampuaa from passing through the area. People still believe to this day that you cannot travel with pork in your car. They are willing to toss their sandwiches out the car window then have a problem with their cars. They believe you can cover the sandwich with a banana leaf to fool Pele. They even fear for their lives. One woman saw a woman sitting in the backseat of her car from her rear view mirror. Then she "felt" being choked from behind and almost hit a tree. She toss her sandwich she had out the window just in time.


  1. That's interesting. I had never heard of anything paranormal about that area and yet I went there 20 years ago and standing at the lookout, I felt so strange. Perhaps it's the intense winds that make it hard to even stand up, but when I walked away, I turned and went out into the bamboo forest and started wandering around. I felt like someone was there. Not just one, but many. I couldn't figure out why I felt that, but I tried to find real people and never even thought of the supernatural at the time.

  2. Aloha, Also back when the Pali Lookout was open during the evening, people would report sightings of Aukualele floating around their cars.

    Great article! Are you from Hawaii? I remember reading an article you did last year on the Regal Dole Cannery Theater. just wondering where were you able to find all these interesting stories about the Old Pali Road?

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Nope! Never been there. I just do my homework. Would love to go one day. Hawaii is a pretty haunted place.

  4. I grew up in the Nuuanu Pali area. We lived in a historical home on Old Pali Place. There was a spirit at our home that was seen on rare occasions. Of course,we all knew what to do if we ever encountered night marchers while hiking along the trails in Nuuanu or Manoa Valley.

  5. And I thought it was creepy for me living near all these Revolutionary War battlefields was bad enough.

  6. Well I went to Pali lookout today and I also drove on Nauuanu Pali drive as a little "myth buster" trip on my trip I carried a bag of lunchmeat car is still running and I saw no hanging headless woman nor any white ghosts. It's all a load of crap!

  7. ef98fcdc..., Yeah- there always seems to be a either "very short story" or "a very long story". The long ones are the ones that seem to be questionable. By the way! I love Spam (grilled with honey and mustard! Yum!

  8. I hike there often, the place has an incredible draw. Not only is it the breathtaking beauty but the duality that exists there. There is a darkness that is palpable, perhaps it is all the stories both actual and imagined that have been associated with the old pali/Morgan's Corner. Did you know there are actually two spots on the Old Pali Rd. that are referred to as Morgan's Corner? Both were the site of grisly murders. On the windward side of the cliff the road becomes Kionaole Rd. a place so infamous for its murders, rapes and body dumping that the state actually closed it in the late 70's. Today it is a derelict road snaking through the jungle that is slowly taking it back over, at night it is completely void of light, so yes creepy stories abound.

  9. couple of weeks ago, a couple of cousins and I were driving down the pali from downtown. As a joke, we were making fun of old hawaiian stories while driving. By the time we reached the bottom, a truck pulled up next to us and some guy was yelling at us. Between the bed and the front cab of my truck, a fire somehow started. After we died out the fire all we found was a bunch of dried out vines wrapped up like a ball. The dude who warned us after asked what happened to our friend that rode in the back. haha we were shocked because all three of us sat in the front. I learned my lesson that

  10. I lived on Old Pali Rd back in the 80s. The mother of the people I was staying with spoke about experiencing Menehune (she didn't see them but experienced their 'wrath'). I, however, never felt anything but complete peace. Maybe it was the rain each night that lulled us.