Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumn Haunted Day Trips: Logan Inn, New Hope, PA

This is the prefect time of year to visit New Hope aka The Most Haunted Town in America. If you love anything Americana quaint.  This town is for you.
The Inn was built in 1727 by John Wells.
In Room 6 has a mirror that the reflection of a man is seen. A Revolutionary War solider is seen hiding in several places around the Inn including the basement. It's believed that bodies of soldiers were stored in the basement until cremated. One solder was still alive when he was cremated by mistake. Emily is a mother of a one time former owner of the Logan. There are people who say they can smell lavender when they pass her portrait.
The most strangest ghost is the one of a little girl who drowned is seen and heard at the Inn's parking lot. As the story goes there was a street festival in 1946.  A palm reader named Parker Dehn set up tent for the couple of days of the annual carnival in the parking lot. He and his customers heard uncontrollable screaming of a child. It happened again and again. That many people would gather together and all heard the screams. Until he packed up and left.
TV Movie "America's Most Haunted Town"

Logan Inn
Things to do in New Hope, PA

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