Friday, September 10, 2010

New Movie "Case 39" To Come Out This October

"Case 39" was filmed in 2008. It has already been in theaters in the UK last year. I wonder why did they shelved this so long here in the US? Notice how it pops out near Halloween? It's also noticeable that there are very few scary movies coming out this time of the year. Not counting "The Last Exorcism" that has already been playing in theatres. The movie industry have been changing. It was funny this passed July there was really no action packed movies for the 4th of July. Maybe this is the new trend? People are not going to movie theaters anymore (The movie candy is too expensive. Which is bad enough.). It's very sad.

Case 39 Trailer 

Here's the Trailer for "The Last Exorcism" Don't know whether to see this or not. Due to all the mix reviews.

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