Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ghost Adventures To Investigate the "Witch House" Salem, MA

Ghost Adventures won permission to conduct a first time ever paranormal investigation of the "Witch House".
They will start filming the first week of October.
 The Witch House is:
 The only structure in Salem with direct
ties to the Witchcraft Trials of 1692...


  1. I think it passed already. It was the beginning of October that they were filming.

  2. We were there at the end of September this year. My son whom is special needs was in a room on the first level and he became ill,he asked me to take him out of the room as he was feeling uneasy.The guide asked us if there was a problem and I told her what my son said - he was uneasy and light headed in a certain room.the guide looked kind of surprised and then she told us it was coincidental because they were having a paranormal team coming out the following week,I took my son outside the house and he was fine..strange very strange..

  3. I had the worst case of being dizzy when antique shopping on my way to Lake George, NY. There was a very old barn selling antiques. And it hit me hard...that feeling. The weird thing is? My brother-in-law stop there on purpose. My sister and him were there before. He felt the same way too! He just wanted me to confirm it. Without me knowing first.
    That's common when there is a haunting.