Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beware Of Where You Eat! Two Haunted Restaurants To Visit At Your Own Risk!

New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmadabad, India
About 60 years ago New Lucky started as a small Tea Stall next to a graveyard. As the business grew.  The owner knock down the wall to the cemetery.  Which is where he expanded his business.
People sit, drink and eat in-between the green coffins seen on the "floor".  It hasn't hurts business at all. A matter of fact. Business is better then ever!

The Haunted House Restaurant, Oklahoma City, OK
It used to be a home to a retired businessman.  He was found murdered in 1963 with a rifle shot in the head.  When his ex-wife died is when his step-daughter committed suicide.  She was the one thought to have murdered her step-dad.
A paranormal group have investigated the place. And caught an EVP saying "Bad!".


  1. I love a haunted restaurant that serves up a good meal with a side of ghosts.

  2. :-) As long as they keep their hands off my food!