Thursday, September 2, 2010

St. Benedict And St. Michael Medals. You Don't Have To Be Catholic To Carry One!

I'm Roman Catholic. When dealing with something that you don't quite understand what harm "it" can cause you. Protect yourself at all cost. It can can follow you home. Or worst, it can be a demon.
So for those who are not Catholic. Here are a few tips. As I said in a previous post. You should not have to pay for holy water. It's free. Go with a small bottle in tow to a local Catholic Church (Some don't have the huge "coffee urn" looking canister out all the time. Only when there is mass going on.) The "urn" is either in the back of the church or towards the front side. So look around and go to another church if you can't find it. One will have it out. Don't be shy.
As for medals. There is a protocol. You can buy them online or go to a religious store (They are located in some of the bigger Catholic Churches as a gift store). After you have purchased them you should have them blessed by a priest. Or a least "you" yourself can bless them with holy water and the proper prayer for the particular medal you purchased. If you want it bless by a priest. Go to the Rectory of you local church (Again, you don't have to be Catholic!) Ask if there is a priest available to "bless" your medal. You can even tell them the reason why. They will understand it for protection. There is no payment to do this. Remember one thing. The priest does blessings all the time.
As for the meaning of particular religious medals? Each and everyone is for a different purpose. The two main one's for protection are the St. Benedict and St. Michael medals.

St. Benedict for me is the best one against the Devil himself. Get the one with with the two sided emblems (one is an X on the back). They don't have to look exactly like below. Just the same markings.

St. Michael metal is for protection also. He is the protector of the Pope. His guardian angel.
There are many other religious items that you can take with you when investigating. Heck, anytime you go out the front door. A rosary, scapular - . Please have them blessed.

List of Saints and who they protect or help. (there is a medal and prayer for each one)

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