Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Planchette" Divinatory Paintings & Writings At Amberella Gallery, The Piazza At Schmidts, Philly

There are so many talented artists and writers out there that are interested in the supernatural. When I heard of Amberella Gallery in Northern Liberties showing of "Planchette" I checked into it. To my surprise, one of my favorite Esty jewerly makers "Bloodmilk" was involved.
What makes this art show interesting is how a simple planchette is used as a communication device between two best friends (more in an unconscious way). One of the friends, Danielle Vogel moved cross country to start on her PhD. As a writer her writing is very internal. Thoughts becoming to hard to come out as a voice. But much easier when written.  Which to cause the reader "to think" what each and every words means? Very intriguing!  Is the writer insane, or very much knows what she wants you to think by all the twist and turns. Maybe the confusion is really to lead you to her way of thinking. Very haunting indeed! Parts of her on going novel "The Memory of a Color" is on display as wall hangings of cloth and twigs.
As for J.L. Schnabel I love her paintings, very dark in it's meanings and beautiful at the same time. The jewelry is the most interesting of all. The use of making an altar to show her work is fascinating. Like a Voodoo or Santeria altar. Each item has it's own use and meaning. Together has a very strong presence. Very powerful!The symbol of the planchette to show the connection of these two friends is a great move. The exhibit will continue till September 8th.

The exhibit at Amberellagallery (very cute shop)

Danielle Vogel

J.L. Schnable

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