Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Edgar Allen Poe's House, Philadelphia, PA

I know, I know! Poe again! Funny thing happened this weekend. I landed up in the Spring Garden's area of Philly for an errand. I thought why don't we go to Poe's House? For me personally I lived near Poe's Cottage in the Bronx, NY as a child (many moon's ago) right off Fordham Road. It was sad to hear that his wife Virginia died in the tiny little cottage in the Bronx (original furniture is still there). So for me this is my second stop at a Poe residence (there's two more).
The house is located on 7th Street off Spring Gardens. The only thing that is missing is furniture. But it's a must see. The Park Department did a great job in installing the whole area with a museum-type quality. Only one thing you should do "go on a guide tour". It's the only way to really get the whole feel of what it was like when the Poe's were there. This is also where his wife first fell ill.
In the Parlor area of the house wallpaper was removed during renovation. On the wall the workers noticed a carving near the door frame saying "DEATH". They believe this could have been done by Poe himself while he sat at his desk writing. Someone asked the guild if the place was haunted? He said he didn't know. But a guest took a picture of the carved "DEATH" and saw a mist in the picture.
It's believed he wrote part of "The Raven" there before moving to NYC. But he did write "The Black Cat" and "The Tell-Tale Heart in Philly. During the tour you be able see where the two stories ideas came from. In Poe's mother-in-law's room is a loose removable floor board. Where it believe the idea for "The Tell-Tale Heart comes from. The Basement is where the idea for "The Black Cat" came from the broken wall near the door.

All in all. It was a very good visit. I enjoyed it. Would be interesting to know if it really is haunted?

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