Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is "Less" Equipment Being Used During Investigations?

During the start of the new season on several "ghost" shows on TV.  It's very noticeable how little of the equipment is being used. Yes, there are a couple of new toys being used. But...we all seen them before last season. Here and there.
The thermal imager is used (hardly)...but there are different ones (which I just realized myself). It's not explained to the viewer what we are suppose to be looking for (is an outline of a human figure, yellow? red? blue)?  It's very confusing? 
My question is: Why the change? Equipment was always the main "proof" of a haunting. It seems they are changing that having an "experience" is more important. I agree with that. In the past when I used to be involved in discussions on several forums this was "my" main stand. It was a very heated topic. Mainly for skeptics.
Question for you guys: How many pieces of equipment do you see "now" compared to past seasons? You can almost count them almost on one hand.
Where does ghost hunting, or for that matter the paranormal shows are headed?
Do we really need equipment when visiting a haunted location? If it's for yourself. I don't think you need a thing.
I think it comes down to: You believe or you don't!


  1. Hmmm...never really thought about this. I thought the GHI crew went a little overboard on the gadgets. I guess seeing someone's reaction to an "experience" is more entertaining than getting it on equipment these days.

  2. Ah, someone else noticed too. So I'm not alone. Yes, I agree about GHI. They are always walking around with tripods. I think that was Barry's idea.