Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can A Baseball Team Really Be Cursed?

I'm not a sports fan. I do watch from time to time being the only female in the house. I was raised right next door to both Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium. But when people are trying to blame "ghosts" or a "curse" is the cause of their beloved team losing...I don't know what to think?
It seems some believe that the Nationals Baseball Team is cursed (Maybe? Who knows). The National Park Stadium was built at the Washington DC Navy Yard by the Anacostia River. John Wilkes Booth autopsy was preformed on the USS Montauk dock there. On the other side of the yard is Fort McNair is where four of the Booth's co-conspirators were hung. Booth was buried there for a time until his remains were moved.
So where does this "curse" fit in? Lincoln loved Baseball or Town Ball as it was originally called. It was a known fact that the Union Army played baseball during the Civil War. Union General Abner Doubleday some believe to be the Inventor of Baseball. So what better way to "get back" at the Union then to haunted the new baseball team and it's stadium. Curse them to never win!
I don't know? Until I see some "real" ghosts, or hauntings going on in the stadium.  I believe it's just poor management or just "not to hot" players is the real cause. Or just plain old fashion "bad luck". Which usually don't last "forever".

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