Friday, June 25, 2010

Haunted Summer Vacations Continue: Amberian Peaks Lodge, Greer, AZ

I love a good mystery. And this particular story is a great one. In my past post I've mentioned about Celebrity Ghost Stories is coming back July 17th.
In the last series they had quite a bit of strange stories. The main one was the interview with David Carradine. He passed away shortly afterward of his taping in the show. The interview on the show parallelled his death.
The second weird story is Ernie Hudson of the GB fame. As the story goes. He was asked by a hotel in Greer, AZ (as he said, "Of all places!") to come and visit. He said sure, and went with his wife and young son at the time. He was told by the owners that the place is haunted by a man and his bride that he just married. He killed her in one of the rooms there. It seems Mr. Hudson was not really a believer until the night he slept there. He saw a bright orb hovering on top of his son that was sleeping in the other bed. He woke up his wife. She witnessed it also.  Then he saw a dark figure standing by the door. Both he and his wife were both staring at the figure. Then his son woke up and saw the same figure. They all ran down the hall to another room.  Where they opened the door to feel a cold breeze go through them. Just one thing about this story. He never mentions the name of the hotel.
Fast Forward: A paranormal group did a little research due to the fact that they live out west. The only place that fits the description of the Amberian Peaks Lodge. When I was looking up the hotel's website they make a mention that it was abandoned when they found it. And, a "little" mention of a ghost. What a strange intriguing story. Hope someone takes a visit there to check out who the ghost is?


The only mention of "ghosts". But, it doesn't fit Mr. Hudson's story.
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  1. Autumnforest (Ghost Hunting Theories) and I along with other friends are planning a trip to Greer to stay at a cabin for a few nights. Believe it or not, there have been several bigfoot sightings there and we wanted to see for ourselves. This abandoned lodge is right up our alley. It is exactly the type of place we like to invesitgate. If we go, I will post it on my blog and she will probably do the same on hers. I will let you know what happens. Thanks for the information.

  2. What a wonderful place. Ghosts, Bigfoot? Sounds like a great vacation spot.

  3. The story sounds a lot like The 1927 Lure Inn and Spa in North Carolina. So either Ernie is confused or he intentionally fabricated the story because nothing matches his story from Greer.

  4. I know Ernie personally. The man is as honest as it comes. I can't speak for his experiences but I can attest to his character. He doesn't lie. Let's rule out the option that is account isn't honest, please. I'm sorry if your personal knowledge doesn't corroborate his story but I'm sure there's plenty out there that you don't know about.

  5. I would love Mr. Hudson to come in here to write his own take on the conversations. Please let him know. Thanks!

  6. Unlikely but I'll ask him. Last Friday I used my replica of an Ectomobile to drive him to a special event in L.A. We talked briefly about the Greer incident since this forum's query was fresh on my mind. He said it was about 1987 when he and Linda stayed there and yes, it was the Amberian Peaks Lodge. He mentioned some things about it that were semi-confidential and I'm inclined to keep them that way. Suffice it to say not all people who offer to pay an entertainer to appear for publicity purposes actually end up seeing that check that was promised. Still, from what he told me it was a definite light without any obvious source, and which disappeared after moving across a room. He couldn't imagine how it would have been a faked illusion.

    Vid of us dropping Ernie off at the 3G event last Friday.

  7. Sorry, let me rephrase. That came off a little blunt. I meant, he's not one much for internet stuffs so I'll let him know but please don't be disappointed if he doesn't post. Linda typically handles all things "internet."

  8. Lol! That's fine! She's very welcome to come in too!
    To give you a little understanding to "how" people view all these paranormal shows. It's seen with a very skeptical eye (I, myself am a believer). But many of these "shows" are questionable. That's what you are seeing with the comments here. Don't take it too much to heart. Thank you for the web address.

  9. The ghost at Amberian Point Resort is the son of the original owners. His name is Eddie Dentzer, nicknamed Zeke. He was killed up at Big Lake (or Bear Lake?) when his Jeep crashed. There have been multiple sightings of him in his jean jacket and white shirt. He was 20 years old when he was killed in 1975. My parent bought the resort from the Dentzers in the 80's, but it failed. Supposedly, the Dentzers couldn't handle the sightings and presence of their son in the resort, which made them shut down and put it up for sale.

  10. Very, very, interesting story. Surprised that GA haven't investigated the place. Hope they do. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ok time to put this to rest. I am Michael Dentzer
    Ok time to put this to rest. I am Michael Dentzer Grandson of the Dentzer's. No one I repeat No one was killed in our lodge. ANd the Ghost story is based upon when I was a lil kid and me and a friend Misty Petroff played with a IOuja board and spoke to someone who said his name was Zeke. We were trying to contact my dead great gradfsther. I asked grandma Dentzer if Daddad as we knew him ever knew anyone named Zeke? SHe said she thought that at one time He had a friend named Zeke. The Zeke Ghost story id a lot of Bunk used to generate publicity to get people to stay at the Lodge. If anyone haunts that place now it is My Uncle Eddie and and my grandparents. Eddie was Killed in 1976 Near Tunnel lake "Not big Lake". His Jeep rolled on him and crushed him it was afreak acident he was not speeding it was labor day night and it was cold out and he hit a frozen rock which flipped the jeep. The Dentzer's sold the resort after My grandfather was diagnosed with heart problems. They didn't mind that eddie was there in spirit.

    MY grandfather Died in the back room in 1991 and I left just before it happened. Again no one was killed there at the Amberian point lOdge. The new owners are nice people and are treating the place and the guests well. There is no Zeke ghost. Only Eddie and ED and Beulah Dentzer if they are there at all. Sincerely Michael A. Dentzer. Gilbert , Arizona.
    Posted by mike d at 9:44 AM
    Maria or Misty feel free to give me a call. my number is posted on my facebook page.

  12. Glad you clear things up. Gee, it makes me wonder about the other stories shown on Celebrity Ghost Stories?

  13. I just watched this episode of the show. I've never seen them before. I would be inclined to believe the celebs simply because they get nothing out of it. No PR or job offerings. If anything it's probably the other way around. If anything MikeD's comment cleared up the one by TheMannings. Ernie can only tell us background he was told. He never stated he did research on the lodge himself.

  14. I agree with Philly. Ernie was simply repeating was he was told. He didn't make anything up. I'm a good judge of character and I believe every word Ernie said. Also, I believe the last people you will find making up stories, are celebrities. They are already famous. I can see an unknown telling lies to get on TV, but not a celebrity. Now I know which hotel it is, I will be paying a visit too:)

  15. Thanks for believing me, I wanted to clear up the story . The main reason for all the Ernie Hudson nonsense was because the new owner A known con man. Bruce Shonburger,'sic. Heard the story from the kids in Greer who carried their versions through the years. I just wanted to set everyone straight Mr. Schonburger cost my family Thousands of dollars and stole anything not nailed down in the place when he left.
    He had to make money quick so he created the haunting scam.
    Blessings... Michael A. Dentzer Grandson of the Denzter's who built the Lodge.