Monday, August 30, 2010

Confused About "Most Haunted"?

There seems to be something is going on with Most Haunted? I noticed that you can't find them on the Travel Channel anymore. Even on the website Living TV something just didn't look right?
Most Haunted been around since 2002, a couple of years before Ghost Hunters. They've been around a long time. I did notice that their show lately have been changing in recent years. I loved their "live" shows. Seven days straight of pure fun (I saw those on Youtube). But when they had the spin-off's like the Screaming Banshees and others. It just wasn't making much sense? I know Yvette had a major operation (even that was made a show of over in the UK).
Screaming Banshees

So I looked into what the heck was going on with the show?  To my surprise just this past June Yvette Fielding has step down as hostess of Most Haunted.
Here's was happened to the series:
"After the first 11 episodes of the original series 7 were added to series 6, series 7 became a 6 episode series.
During the Most Haunted spin off series Midsummer Murders, the team filmed a 9 part series. However only 8 were ever aired. The 9th episode, filmed in Lymm Village and featuring a Jack the Ripper suspect, was never aired.
Series 10 was due to be a 20 part UK series but was made an 11 episode series after LIVING shelved the remaining 9 episodes for series 11, which was made up of the filmed UK episodes."
I don't understand what this means?  Is it "done"?  Know body is talking. What's even more confusing is that they just started a new Paranormal Channel in the UK back in 2008 (don't know if it's still on?). She is however still involved in the paranormal with a show called "Ghosthunting with ..."
Personally I think this is the start of the "slow down" I spoke about awhile ago on my blog. The supernatural wasn't a thing that people spoke about on a daily basis. Only us few do. It's just a matter of time when it goes back to being something that is just done on Halloween. Or talked about in front of a campfire late a night. Sad but true.

About Yvette leaving Most Haunted:

Yvette Fielding show "Ghosthunting with ..."

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