Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Are Going To Be On Ghost Hunters. What No Wrestlers?

Anyone that knows me by now. Knows I love RHONY (Real Housewives of NYC) on Bravo.  I saw the "new" Promo during watching the finale of GHI. I was thinking, "What? The Real Housewives of Atlanta?".  How did they come up with the idea of putting them on the show? I was laughing when I saw Kim (the blond with the wig). Is she going to sing "Tardy for the Party"! Bet you Big Poppa is going to be hanging around. Who's next? The Jersey Shore?
This is one strange combo of people to put together. I've been hearing lately more women are going into the paranormal field then men. Maybe there trying to grab a "new" audience for their show? Who knows?
Not a wrestler in sight!

Tardy for the Party

Bravo Website


  1. Maybe Kim was afraid that the ghosts were messing with her wigs so she called TAPS to investigate. Apparently those ghosties were 'tarty for the party'. You just don't mess with the Alanta housewives.

  2. The ghosts better not mess with NeNe either. They don't have a "ghost" of a chance?