Monday, August 2, 2010

Part 1: My First Impressions Of My Ghost Hunting 101 Class

The class was held in an small old attached house that was built around the late 1700's to early 1800's (all original inside) at The Ghosthunter Shop in Mt. Holly, NJ. The whole area has that eerie feel to it because of it's Revolutionary War history (also the Burlington County Jail Museum is located in the same town). Many of the homes and stores are original to that particular era with hauntings of their own. As you walk in through the front door on the first floor it has two main rooms (there is a back storage room). The first room has religious items: amulets, crosses, medals, candles, incense, smudgers, books, some equipment. Second room has mostly equipment and rocks and crystals all in old fashion antique wooden glass cabinets. The store has that typical "Halloween" decor and feel to it down to the faux Persian rugs. However it's very cheerful.
Upstairs (which is the typical 1700's spiral staircase) is where they have the meeting room for classes and private storage area.  Incense and smudging was done before we started the class in the morning. Because I am a sensitive I felt that heavy feeling at first. I asked the woman in charge if anything happened here. She said yes (I'll get into that later). There were nine of us in the class. Mainly people searching for answers. One young girl came in with an EVP of her boyfriend who has passed away. None of us were there to become investigators. They do run a 2 day class for that. Which consist of hands-on equipment and an investigation up in the attic area. Marti was our instructor for the day because Dave was ill. She was great and she's also a medium. It's a very friendly place. They have no shortage of staff either. It's seems that on Saturday's is a very busy day for them.  The class itself runs from 10-5 with a lunch break. A little advise for anyone interested thinking of taking this particular class or any of their other classes that they run at the store. Bring a stadium foam pad seat with you and a drink. The folding chairs can really do a number on you. If you know what I mean?  (Not to be confused with TAPS)

Official Website (they also run The Shadowlands Website)

Book about Haunted Mt. Holly

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