Thursday, August 26, 2010

"New" Movies Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You!

I've noticed lately that not many "spooky" movies are being made. Which is a little odd to me? So here's a few (very few) that are coming out soon:

The Last Exorcism:  (I'm not too crazy about this one. It's too much trying to follow The Grudge "look".)

The Black Swan:  (This looks interesting. Lots of twists and turns. She really becomes the black swan. Real evil.)

Enter The Void:(Now, this movie is a really psychedelic's dream. It's a junky that comes back as a ghost to protect his sister.)

Vampires Suck: Comedy (Typical teen picture. One of the guys from "The Hangover" works in it. It's a "take it, or leave it" kind of movie.)

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