Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh, The Drama! On Ghost Divas LIve August 4th, 2010

Ghost Divas LIve August 4th, 2010
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The Ghost Divas guests on this day was Brian Harnois and Shannon Sylvia both former members of  GHI.  When originally listening to the show I thought they would talk about, what else? Ghosts! Nope, it was mainly to vent about Donna La Croix (she has been on Ghost Divas awhile ago). The show was 2 1/2 hours long. Phew! I'm pooped!
So, what did I get out of the show? It seems Donna wrote on her Facebook,  I believe. Something negative about the two of them (Brian and Shannon). Which totally surprised them!  The show started off real hyper.  People talking on top of one another. As it calmed down (Warning! Four letter words all over the place) the conversation leads to talking about Donna lying about herself that she has cancer (The point they are trying to make on this show: If she's lying about this. She's lying about us), someone named Dan Bell (I have no idea who he is?), Donna not being a good Godmother to Brian's oldest daughter, and Brian coming out that he's bi-polar.
There's an old saying, "Two wrongs. Don't make a right!". Just because Donna wrote something negative doesn't mean you join the band wagon and say something negative about her. It just doesn't look good. Not to say if she was first that started these messy conversations. Then she's the worst culprit in this case. They all have one thing in common. They all left the Ghost Hunters franchise. It seems lately to have created for all of them, a "harder" uphill climb for all of them to continue in this field. In the show biz end of it. It just has everyone on edge. It's a shame I really like these guys. It's sad that this is how it ended.
I have always written about my take on all this "paranormal mania" that's been going on. It's been slowing down, Thank God! It always a surprises me how it turned into this circus in the first place. Too many people are out there right now are involved in this just for the money. Or, how to get money/make money from this fad. It's sad to see people getting so caught up into the "making money" end of it. It changes people and relationships. Stepping on other people's toes to climb to the top of the Money Tree. Not to get off-topic but 'American Chopper" right now shows the break-up of a total family business in the new series. This is all done for one reason alone.  To keep money rolling in at any cost. They just as well should have ended the show.
Then there are those out there strictly into the "fame". Just to become famous. That's another ball of wax altogether. They have to sit down and make up their minds why are they involved in this field in the first place?  Maybe going back to square one is the answer? A clean slate. Go in a different direction. Yes, and it can be in the paranormal field. But know that you wont get rich. Enjoy what you love!

Shannon Sylvia new show: "Shantown with the Sylvia's"


  1. Wow, yet another reason for me to dislike Ghost Hunters. Thanks for the warning. I will avoid this at all costs.

  2. Lol! And I didn't even get into the nitty-gritty of their conversations on the show. I was hearing this in a couple of days span, here and there. Conversations about law suits, someone reporting someone to some authorities, etc. I don't know? It was confusing?