Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Five Fishermen Restaurant, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The restaurant was originally built as a school house in 1817.  Later it became an Art School run by Anna Leonownens (of "The King and I" fame).  As soon as she left to become the Governess to the King of Siam the building was bought by John Snow & Co. Funeral Home. Snow & Company for the next several years ran a very brisk business. Starting with the sinking of the Titanic. Some of the wealthier victims such as John Jacob Aster and others were bought to the funeral home. Next was The Halifax Explosion in December of 1917. It claimed close to 2,000 people.
Over the years the building have seen other uses, including being a warehouse.
In 1975 The Five Fishermen opened it's doors to it's first customers. Many wait staff during the years have had strange experiences: a glass flying off a shelf, cutlery falling off tables, faucets turning on by themselves, swinging doors moving on their own, pockets of cold air.
One waitress have seen a grey apparition moving down a staircase. Others heard their names being called, being tapped on the back while they were working.
There has been more stranger occurrences. Late one night a waiter heard what seems to be two people having an argument.
Another one was about to close and saw something in the corner of her eye.  When  she went check out the entire place.  There was no one there.
Then there is the "regular" haunting of an old elderly gentleman.  The haunting always occur at 3:00PM. Several wait staff have seen his reflection in the restaurant's mirror. They would turn quickly to see no one there.
A waitress heard tapping outside the second floor window. As she looked out she saw a grey mist.
The only one serious occurrence was a waitress being slapped by an unknown source.  The customers she was tending to asked what has happened to her face? When she check herself, she saw a red hand print.


  1. OOOH! I can't remember if Halifax is one of our ports on our cruise, but if it is THANKS for this tip! I'll check it out!

  2. When i take my trip to Halifax, ill have to look at restaurant in Halifax.