Monday, August 23, 2010

New York Times Write-Up About The Hauntings At "The Copper Queen Hotel", AZ

Saw this article yesterday's NYT Sunday newspaper. Great article about The Cooper Queen Hotel's hauntings. But mainly about their Ghost Tours that they run weekly at the hotel. Ghost Hunters did an investigation there awhile ago. I thought I will just pass along the article to you guys with the Ghost Hunters synopsis too:

New York Times: "A Hotel Where Some Guest Have Been Dead For Years"

Syfy's Ghost Hunters Season 4-Episode 408 "Spirits of the Old West"

The Copper Queen Hotel, AZ Website


  1. I have spent the night at the Copper Queen Hotel twice and had great experiences both times. We had money move off a dresser, seeing shadow figures, having doors open with unseen hands, some were touched, seen objects move, heard a loud moan, and heard whispering. We had a fun and spooky time while staying there.

  2. I forgot that you live out west?
    It's like me living 6 miles from Philly. I pass Fort Mifflin all the time on the highway. And all the other known haunted locations. When I went to ESP you can feel the "vibes" in the air.