Friday, August 6, 2010

Psychic Attacks. What Are They?

Did you ever wonder why bad things are happening to you? Why nothing is working out the way you want? Or you feel always ill? Just all around bad things happen all the time?
This is not to be confused for someone that is suffering from some mental illness. That has to be crossed out first.
So what are "psychic attacks"? 
  • Suddenly acting totally out of character
  • Major changes in behavior for no reason
  • A loss of memory
  • Major changes in clarity of thinking or analytical ability
  • Sudden ongoing fatigue for no apparent reason
  • A drained feeling
  • Icy cold feeling on part or all of your body
  • Hearing someone's voice regularly
  • Hearing voices
  • Recurrent or frequent nightmares
  • Strange or recurring accidents
  • Feeling someone is watching you
  • A discomfort or fear in a specific room or area in your home or office
  • A loss of self-confidence
  • A sudden loss of energy
  • Sudden illnesses that elude diagnosis
  • Sudden illnesses that cannot be explained
  • Feeling someone touch you or bump into you when nobody is present
  • Sensing a presence · Sensing a large pair of eyes watching you or following you
  • Sudden or irrational difficulties with finances or relationships
  • Imagining monsters, animals or frightening shadows
  • Sudden depression without an apparent cause · Seeming ongoing bad luck
  • Visions or hallucinations
  • Irrational fear, anger or sorrow
  • A negative obsessive thought, desire or fetish that won't go away   
 In general it can be just as simple as someone around you wishing you "ill will". But it can be of a paranormal cause also. Such as a demon and so forth.
How to get rid of this? First of all stay away from anyone that you think is wishing you "bad luck". It's the old "Out of sight, out of mind!" trick. There is also a belief you can cause this on to yourself. Just by have a negative personality.

Video on how to protect yourself from Psychic Attacks

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