Friday, August 20, 2010

Ghost Hunters To Visit "The Solitude House" At The Philadelphia Zoo, PA

I heard sometime ago that the Philadelphia Zoo was haunted (In what capacity? I don't know?). I don't think anyone ever investigated it, until now. The Ghost Hunters this season will be investigating The Solitude House (and the Shelly Building). I never heard of the place. It's a house built by William Penn's grandson in 1784. And it's open to the public. There is a $500,000 restoration being done right now to the house. Maybe this is a way for the city or the zoo to make some money to pay back for it's restoration (Just saying it's haunted). It make you wonder? Doesn't it?
One more stop for the Ghost Tours to visit.

Information on Ghost Hunters visit to the Zoo.

Information about The Solitude House and it's restoration.

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