Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Roebling Museum, Roebling, NJ. Is It Haunted?

The Main Gate Building has been empty for decades when the Roebling Company - Kinkora Works Steel Mill closed in 1974.  Steel cables and support structures for the Brooklyn Bridge, George Washington Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and many other "known" structure's that have used their products. The list is endless.
Just recently the Roebling Museum has been opened up for the public to visit. The museum use to be the gate house where from hundreds of people pass through to go to work in shifts around the clock in the 240 acres facility. Many went in, and many never came out.
One paranormal group went in to conduct an investigation along with a local radio personality. The reason they wanted to do the investigation was they were hearing about "activities" going on while the gate house was being renovated for the museum.
It was confirmed by one of the museum's employees that a man did hang himself there in the 1930's. In the area of the building (shown in old building blueprints) that was used as jail cells and a first aid area.  You have to remember, many people died at the mill due to industrial accidents. (Many were written about in the old, New Jersey Mirror newspaper)
Personally I'm not an investigator but this place should have a second investigation. The first group didn't write clearly their findings (I can't even find their website). Just the usual cold spots, being touched and so on.  Do I think it's haunted? Sure! Who knows how many have passed away during the centuries. Maybe even too many to count.

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John A. Roebling

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