Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Forum For Those Who Want To Vent About The Paranormal!

How many of you have been to paranormal websites. Whether it's a TV show, just a regular paranormal websites, or blogs, and so on. They all usually have forums that people love to go and spend a little time (maybe too much) to commiserate talking about the subject. But things don't usually go to plan.
It leads too many times people being disgruntled about the paranormal. That's when things begin to go wild on the forums  It's always starts with skeptics vs. believers all the way to in-fighting among members of a particular group. It really can get real dirty fast. People are always getting ban from the forums left and right. It's just plain nasty.  I haven't been on one for a while and I really don't miss it.
So imagine to my surprise to see that someone came up the most interesting idea. To set up a forum where people can go in and say what they please (only one rule stands: No names). The name of the website is I haven't personally gone in there "Not Interested". I'm not into the drama.  I have to watch my HBP,  Don't be shy if this is your cup of tea. Please let me know what you think? It has to be quite interesting!

Website: At your own risk!


  1. Paradrama...It sounds like an excellent idea I will avoid. I was cursed out online once for believing in ghosts. I never really understand why anyone would care what anyone else believes. It doesn't effect them. If I believe in Unicorns and Fairy Princesses how does that impact you? But people get very nasty about the ghosts so it is good they have a place to go and be nasty. I will avoid it, however. I get more than enough drama in my real life.