Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Part 2: My Day At The Basic Ghost Hunting 101 Class

I personally don't know how a basic class in ghost hunting is suppose to consist of. However at The Ghosthunter Store they do take care of the basic comfort needs, like air conditioning and a bathroom. There was a table set-up with all the equipment, equipment boxes and slide show. One person was running the "class" and two other helpers at hand.
To get down to the nitty-gritty, it's basically what you see in all the ghost/paranormal shows that are out there. Heck, I even know the lingo. It's just short of an actual investigation. So I'm going to jump forward.
What did I learn that I didn't know before I attended the class?
For one thing. I didn't know that the flashlights they use their lenses are either red or green? And that some of the EMF readers don't have back light? They say it's because it's hard for your eyes to refocus from the brightness of the light. That's why you see on TV them using a flashlight whenever they do readings.
I also didn't know there was a website called "". This is for a paranormal group to prepare or maybe change their plans to investigate that particular night.
Lastly, they mentioned that there is a website for a free software download for reading EVP's called "Audacity" that they highly recommend.
There is a piece of "new" equipment called an "E-Pod". Very easy to use. It lights up a different color when something pass by it
This particular paranormal group also discuss if whether this is a good hobby for you to go into? They talk about cost of equipment (they recommend strongly "NOT" to spend a lot of money).
Most important to me. They give warning about that you are dealing with a spirit that once was a human being walking the planet at one time. To respect the spirit but also protect yourself. You might be dealing with a demon. Do a protection prayers. Carry a medal, something to protect you from the "unknown".
In all, I found it to be interesting. I do like the idea that they run many different classes. Like for me personally I like the class for "Mediumship", for others "Learning how to contact with your angels", "Animal spirit guides" etc.
 Do I think it's worth taking a class? If your really, really, into the paranormal. I would say yes. I found it to be interesting and an eyeopening experience.

EVP Reader download (there's others)

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