Monday, February 1, 2010

Why Blog About The Paranormal?

To answer this question is easy. When I was younger I had my close family relatives to help me answer my questions about the "supernatural". But, many have passed away. As for friends? The topic was always an offbeat conversation at most. Once in a blue moon when they wanted me to read tarot cards, or palm read at a get together. My sister, nephew and son are the only ones left that understand. Like I have written before the supernatural have always been in my family. My grandmother was a medium. Known in certain circles at the turn of the century in NYC. She was never compensated whatsoever. But, my eldest aunt found this topic embarrassing. Yes, believe or not there was a time when people would hide on this topic. Not that it's not the same now. Try talking about this without a paranormal group behind you. It doesn't work. Your alone.
I thought that by joining forums I would find that bunch of people that would understand what I'm talking about. Nope, not really. The people that are on the forums are there for "what" reason I don't know? Who are they? A couple, at most, are the real McCoy. They really are there for the same reason. And, still you get people that don't want to touch about the occult or psychics. They still find the topics too taboo. It's very strange for me to have a real conversation on every known supernatural topic in the conversation. It just never happens. And, there is a lot of oddballs out there. I wrote about a Meetup that I went to that was a pure disaster. The strangest people you can meet. So, for me the blog let's me be free to talk about a subject I have lived with most of my life.
Do I have a dream? Yes, I wish that there would be "discussion groups" created throughout the country. A society of sort. Invite "guests" to the groups. Have a fun time of it. Meet others like yourself. I believe there are many people involved in paranormal groups are just in it really just wanting to "talk" about it. Not walking around some dark gloomy place looking for ghosts. I believe discussion groups will be the future. I hope so?

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