Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Of The Top Ten Haunted Colleges, The Brown Building Of NYU, NYC

The story is based on a horrible fire that took place in March 25, 1911, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. But, the good news is because of it. All the fire codes that protect us to this day came about because of the tragedy.
The Asch Building was on the corner of Green Street and Washington Place. The area is also known as Greenwich Village. At around 4:45PM on the 8th floor just when everyone was about to leave a fire broke out. Bottom Line: A cigarette caused the fire. Also there were no sprinkler or hoses on every floor. But, the main problem all doors opened in and not out. And, the owners of the business kept them locked at all times until the end of the day. Many of the workers were women. Fire ladders in those days could not reach the 7th Floor. Women threw themselves all over the street below as thousands watched in horror. Others just "melted" at the doorways. Some fell on top of the elevators. Even some bodies were found later in the basement on top of steam pipes. Many spectators tried as best they can to save as many lives as they can. Even NYU Law School students saved at least 150 lives that day. One thing in an odd twist to the story is the same temporary morgue at the 26th Street Pier. Is the same one that was used as a temporary morgue for a fire that happen on a excursion boat General Slocum.
It's said that some of the victims still roams the halls of the Brown Building (as it's called today). But, mainly the smell of smoke is still noticed by many students.
All the ghost tours of NYC will take you to this site and tell you it's sad tale.


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